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The Estate

The Grand Oak, Coorg homestay is a beautifully landscaped coffee plantation retreat in south Coorg, in the little village of Kirgur, not too far from Ponnampet. Far away from the chaos and yet drivable distance to the local attractions.

Walking through the pathways that wind through the estate amidst the coffee plants is indeed a refreshing experience, as the silver oaks entwined with pepper stand tall, giving shade, gently swaying in the wind. Listen to the song of the birds – from the one lone solo singer who wakes at the crack of dawn, to the mighty chorus that eventually culminates as the golden rays of the sun pierce through the trees to announce the arrival of daybreak.

If you are the kind who would rather relax with a book or just take a little nap in nature’s lap, a hammock awaits you on the banks of the lake.